Green Gala 2011

A UC Botanical Garden Summer Benefit

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Spikit Design-A Botanical Segment

Inspiration from the Garden’s desert collection for Green Gala Designer, Ariel Bishop of Spikit Design.

Ariel Bishop’s work in slow fashion pioneer Kate Fletcher’s Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journies highlights her modular concept top formed by hexagonal pieces that can be removed and replaced when needed or completely deconstructed and rebuilt.

Born and raised on Kauai, Ariel Bishop, received her BFA from CCA(c) and went off in search of ethical and environmental design people and practices. She has spent time in the design rooms and the factories of the Fashion Industry, striving to find a better business practice that can balance between the world’s demands and it’s realities. Her love of adventure and the outdoors keeps her active and inspired. 

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"The Moon" Shining Bright

With the Green Gala only a few weeks away, we are beginning to get glimmering windows into the process and progress of our talented artisans hard at work on their designs.  All the images and inspiration above come from a sneak peak of the gorgeous handmade Botanical Garden inspired couture courtesy of  the lovely and talented ladies at The Moon, a luminous and bright slow fashioned Oakland-based collective.

To be awed in person with beautiful botanical fashion, make sure to reserve your tickets now for the Green Gala Fashion Show, Saturday June 18th, in the Garden’s Redwood Grove!

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